The Ausform Micro-Fest introduces new artists to new audiences, creating a temporary engaged community over 4 days. We often work with emerging artists, and are passionate about providing them with the opportunity to meet the supportive and creative audiences and artists of Bristol. We shape our activity in response to the work that excites us, leading to new collaborations with venues, organisations and the use of alternative, often empty, spaces.

DAVID HOYLE is an English performance artist, avant-garde cabaret artist, singer, actor, comedian and film director. His performances are known to combine many disparate elements, from satirical comedy to painting, surrealism and even striptease, much of which is aggressive in nature. Himself homosexual, Hoyle’s work has often focused on themes in the LGBTQ community, attacking what he sees as dominant trends in “bourgeois Britain and the materialistic-hedonistic gay scene”. His performances have led him to become “something of a legend” on the London cabaret circuit. (Taken from Wikipedia)

THORNY is a live music night in Bristol, which aims to give a voice to queer artists in the city. Known as the weirdest punk show in the West, we often showcase stranger work from sound, performance and visual artists, to allow everyone to unchain their inner freak

Maxi More is a London based performance artist who uses play, make believe, fabrics and fibers to break free from the limitations of contemporary identity.

IMMA / MESS is a ballet trained performer from NYC, coming to Bristol for the first time. IMMA uses movement as a way to give the intangible a physical presence.

Twitter: @IMMAMESS2  | Instergram: immamess_

Social Muscle Club (SMC) is a group of international artists and performers, based in Berlin, who have been working together since 2012 producing performative events for public participation groups that challenge habits of thinking and doing. SMC is presented in Bristol, along with Ausform, by Once We Were Islands – a collaboration between spatial designer Chris Gylee and writer and project maker Richard Aslan.

Rachael Clerke is a young woman artist based in Bristol who likes dressing up as wealthy older men. Her last show How to achieve redemption as a Scot through the medium of Braveheart featured Alex Salmond, Mel Gibson and Donald Trump and won the Ideastap Underbelly Award in 2014. | @rachaelclerke

Poem Baker is a self-taught photographer based in London, interested in shooting based on instinct. Poem works as a freelance photographer after a 10 year career in theatre and performance art.

Foxy and Husk is a playful performance artist who likes to sing, dance and hibernate. Half human, half animal, Foxy creates full length shows, interactive installations, short films and cabaret turns. Her work is rooted in social research – she collects audio recorded stories from members of the public, edits, overlaps and then re-presents them through her unique style of lip sync. | @FoxyandHusk